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Axelle Ythier - UX Designer - London, UK

Former project manager with 7 years of expertise, including 2 years in digital agencies, I bring a unique perspective to UX design. My experience in delivering apps and websites enables me to bridge the gap between strategy and user-centered design for impactful digital experiences and business-savvy outcomes.


Expert in Figma


PM Background

More About Me

Delivering a great user experience is all about collaboration. Thanks to my background in project management, I can easily work and empathise with different stakeholders, from clients to product managers, developers, fellow designers and the end users.

Business is crucial in design decisions as it impacts viability and success. I integrate this by aligning user experience with business goals, ensuring designs are not only user-centric but also financially sustainable and growth-oriented.

From wireframing to prototyping, I can count on Figma to get the job done. Leveraging its features and capabilities, I create seamless and innovative design solutions that delight the users.

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My Work



How might we make buying flowers more affordable for users?

I built a mobile app that offers unsold bouquets at a reasonable price


How might we make the pet adoption process easy and reliable?

Pikmi! is a website that matches the user with their future companion through a series of questions


Easy Pilly

How might we help users remember their medication?

I built a responsive website that allows users to keep track of their meds

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